Yvette Murrell

Yvette Murrell is a powerfully gifted facilitator and dynamic change agent with a gentle, nurturing, encompassing and direct style. She delves deeply into systemic issues that contribute to the call for restorative justice and opens a team’s vision of what is possible when elevated to a space of healing.


Yvette has a unique and warm ability to guide each person toward accessing and expanding their best selves so that they can do their most purposeful work in the world.

These critical times we are in implore us to bring our highest and best selves to the global table.


Yvette has a multifaceted background in business, education, nonprofits and the creative arts. She is the co-founder and director of three companies: Professional Development Inc., a corporate consulting firm; Peer Solutions, an educational consulting firm; and Creative Authors of Shared Humanity, a nonprofit and performing arts consulting firm.

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