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Focusing on movement, immigration and the development of race in the United States, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Racial Equity Learning Volume Two (REL2) examines law and its affect on cultural norms. Examining the systems and structures created in response to years of policy, this volume supports educators, community members, and trainers in social justice around analyzing structural racism and changing the systems that maintain white culture as superior.


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 Racial Equity Learning 

Teaching literacy in the messages shaped by history, power, economics, and culture, Racial Equity Learning is a new way to deepen the conversation around race and equity. Using integral learning, World Trust Educational Services, in collaboration with leaders in the social justice movement, provides best practices to generate transformational learning and arts integration to “connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing (Rand Corporation, 2005).”  Through a focus on whole body learning, people learn to feel and experience their reactions, developing the emotional intelligence needed to deconstruct and integrate the structures that hold structural racism in place.


A resource for educators, trainers & leaders, it supports individuals in identifying those systems and structures, taking personal initiative to make changes by naming and re-framing, and developing institutional outcomes for addressing and changing the system.

Who Should Use These Materials

Racial Equity Learning Modules are ideal for those who are interested in engaging others in issues of diversity & inclusion, and particularly in exploring and understanding structural racism. These groups might include adult learners in a variety of sectors:

  • Higher education – professors, administrators, and students

  • Government – local, state and federal employees

  • Healthcare providers and administrators

  • Faith-based leaders and their communities

  • K – 12 school communities – parents, teachers, staff and high school students

  • Philanthropy

  • Nonprofit organizations including community-based service and cultural workers.

Learning Modules


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"The material focuses on institutionalized racism, which is the hardest to explain. It is compelling without being provoking."

Anne Hastings, Faculty, UNC Chapel Hill

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