Racial Equity Learning Modules: Volume 1 


Welcome to Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Racial Equity Learning Modules, a growing collection of learning modules created by World Trust Educational Services in collaboration with other leading racial justice organizations. The project is inspired by the World Trust film project “Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity“ and seeks to bridge the gap between inspiration and democratic action that supports racial equity.  Whether you are an educator or trainer, we hope these resources will help you support others to drop preconceptions of what is possible, and to dream of and reach for a world in which all are respected, valued and able to thrive. 


These modules are designed to facilitate deep learning and change. The Understanding the System of Racial Inequity module is designed to provide a starting point for those new to ideas about fairness and equity. 



Racial Equity Learning Modules: Volume 1

  • Racial Equity Learning Modules are ideal for those who are interested in engaging others in issues of diversity and inclusion, and particularly in exploring and understanding structural racism. These groups include a variety of sectors:

    Higher education – professors, administrators, and students

    Government – local, state and federal employees

    Healthcare providers and administrators

    Faith-based leaders and their communities

    K – 12 school communities – parents, teachers, staff and high school students


    Nonprofit organizations including community-based service and cultural workers.