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Use this groundbreaking film and conversation guide in your organization to help bridge the gap between good intentions and meaningful change. Featuring stories from white men and women on overcoming issues of unconscious bias and entitlement, it is an powerful and unique tool in diversity work.

The stories in the film reveal what is often required to move through the stages of denial, defensiveness, guilt, fear, and shame into making a solid commitment to ending racial injustice. This film catalyzes powerful dialogue to support the learning, change and healing of all people who want to undo race-based oppression.

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This film is designed to support a new, more effective dynamic of learning and healing between racial groups.

Why This Film
Mirrors of Privilege
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Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible allows white people to find their own voice, and to reflect on their own experience and understanding. They hear from role models — other white people who have already committed themselves to racial justice. This has been a missing piece in social justice and cultural competency work.

The film’s Conversation Guide provides structure for equal opportunity learning. In concert with the film, it allows the issue of racism to be discussed in a way that is not at the expense of people of color.

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible provides pathways for learning and analysis that can build real bridges between white people and people of color, who can then have authentic relationships across a racial divide.

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