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Cultivating Conditions for Liberation

How We Move from DEI Work towards a More Expansive Space of Freedom

 About the Learning Lab

Cultivating Conditions for Liberation: How We Move from DEI Work towards a More Expansive Space of Freedom
Does this sound familiar?  Your organization has engaged in efforts to transform itself to become more equitable, inspiring, healthy and healing.  You’ve done a lot of DEI work, but you’ve come to a place of stagnation.  This is hard work.  You have made some progress, but the organizational culture and structure are still not where you think they could be.  You are exhausted and feeling discouraged.  Maybe you’ve gone as far as you can go.  Or maybe what you need is some structured support, some connections with folks going through the same thing, some tools to strengthen your ability to re-imagine and create the organization/world where everyone can thrive.

On October 20, 21, 22 and 23, World Trust will conduct an on-line Learning Lab on Cultivating Conditions for Liberation, and we invite you to participate. This Learning Lab is designed for folks who are seasoned veterans of this work as well as for those who are newly responsible for holding the vision and the teams within an organization, on your journey towards equity.   We are very intentional about having both groups so that we can foster the cross connections that lead to greater learning and support.  To that end, we encourage organizations to send as many people as possible.  No one can do this work alone. We have seen that when several people from the same organization attend one of our Learning Labs, they find more strength and support for the work and a greater ability to take action and make and sustain change.

These highly interactive sessions will consider questions like:

  • What supports sustainability in transformational change work?

  • How can we prevent burnout or feeling overwhelmed?

  • What are the fears that keep us from moving forward and how can we address them?

  • What can we learn from organizations that have stayed together and continued to change, and what can we learn from organizations that have not?

  • How can we live in the center of the storm where we see clearly, and not get destroyed by it?

  • How can we incorporate tools like radical imagination, strategic questioning, and deep listening in our change work?


We know that change is hard and often fiercely resisted.  We intend to provide you with practical tools and resources so that you are able to clearly articulate the benefits of change to your colleagues.  We will all share stories and practical wisdom to build connections across generations and workplaces so that you leave the Learning lab with clarity, energy, and support to continue the work.  


  • Friday, October 20,  6-8 pm Pacific Time  

  • Saturday, October 21, 10 am-1 pm Pacific Time

  • Sunday, October 22, 10 am-1 pm Pacific Time

  • Monday, October 23, 10 am-1 pm Pacific Time  (optional session)



Sliding scale  $300-$500.  We encourage you to pay according to your available resources.  Those with greater financial privilege contribute more, allowing those with less access to pay according to their means.  This allows World Trust to sustain our services while making accessibility as broad as possible. 



Please fill out the application. You will be notified of your acceptance shortly after we receive your application.  Space is limited, so we urge you to apply as soon as possible.  


More Information / Questions?  Contact Ginny at

Principal Presenters



Founder & President Emerita of World Trust

Shakti Butler PhD. is the founder and President Emerita of World Trust.  She is a visionary wisdom keeper, filmmaker, transformative educator and activist whose work invites new questions and practices that cultivate conditions for liberation. 


Her passion is engaging people and organizations in processes that support self-inquiry which leads to resilience, transformation, and an expansion of individual and collective awareness of our mutual interdependence.  She focuses on practices that generate deeper internal and external listening, strategic questioning and radical imagination, with the intention of building connection, collaboration, and wellbeing as we engage in the work of embracing change that is more just, equitable and uplifting. 

Unique Holland headshot_edited.jpg


Co-Executive Director,
World Trust

Unique Holland is an educator, facilitator, and cultural strategist who has worked for over two decades developing community-engaged projects centered on racial equity and social justice explorations of community, youth leadership, and public policy.

Unique currently serves as Co-Executive Director for World Trust Educational Services, a racial equity organization that uses film, dialogue, and transformative education models to expand the capacity for individuals and organizations to create a world free from racism. Unique’s work as a collaborating artist and director has been performed and exhibited in the U.S. and internationally. This work is part of a long-term artistic and social engagement in conversations on equity, both in the arts and beyond.


"It was such an honor and privilege to participate! This learning lab has reassured me that the work I have been doing is important and serves a crucial purpose, especially in a predominantly white institution. It has also helped me recognize that I am enough (which I have trouble doing) and that by learning from my mistakes and being patient with myself, I can achieve great things that will have a positive impact on society, even if they seem small in the moment. Lastly, it encourages me to push the anti-racist framework wherever life takes me next."

"The fellowship with the rest of the learning community and the time and space to recenter around this work was invaluable...I came away feeling more energized and hopeful about my work than I have in a long time."

"I felt such awe and appreciation for the way that each of the leaders in their own unique way, yet collectively, held the large group. It was imperceptible to the eye, yet a very kinesthetic experience of being held firmly in a container that invited softness and loosening of tension to see a broader and more inclusive future. Thank You!"

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