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Light in the Shadows Trailer

Light in the Shadows Trailer


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Light in the Shadows: Staying at the Table When the Conversation about Race Gets Hard records a frank dialogue among two white women and several women of color.   The film uses their conflict as a learning tool to illumine how conversations on race often break down along lines of race and power.

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Light In The Shadows

Light in the Shadows is a frank conversation about race among ten women who participated in the ground-breaking film World Trust film, The Way Home. These American women of Indigenous, African, Arab/Middle Eastern, European, Jewish, Asian, Latina and Mixed Race descent, use authentic dialogue to crack open a critical door of consciousness.


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When the cross-racial conversation gets hard during diversity initiatives & equity efforts, emotions can arise and people may walk away discouraged.  This film & its conversation guide are designed to support inquiry:

Questions To Ask

How can we recognize the patterns and obstacles that cause people, who are committed to working together, to leave the table?

How can white activists stay at the table when confronted with the pain caused by privilege?

How can people of color be empowered in cross-cultural relationships?

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