In the fourth consecutive year of our work with the Liberty Union High School District in Brentwood, California, World Trust implemented a district-wide curriculum of Circle Keeping and Restorative Practices.

We began in Year 1 working with the superintendent and all of the principals. In Years 2 & 3, we worked with cohorts of faculty and administrative staff on issues of racial equity, justice and trauma-informed care.



Are powerful experiences for adults and children alike. By bringing people into community and centering healing we are disrupting cycles of harm that systemically plague our society.


The Liberty Union High School District have been proud partners with World Trust for multiple years.  Prior to this year, World Trust has provided teachers, staff members and administrators with exceptional professional development to assist the district and each school to promote the equitable success of our historically marginalized student groups.  This year, we have decided to continue our partnership with World Trust and (via) Yvette Murrell, facilitate trainings that are geared towards student leaders at each school.  Based on the preliminary results, the “Circle Keeping” work has exceeded our expectations and have allowed us to improve the educational climate of our schools using a sustainable and effective strategy.

Tony Shah, Asst. Superintendent, Liberty Union High School District