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Cultivating Conditions for Liberation

*Fall 2021 Dates          9:30am - 12:30pm PST (each day via Zoom)
October 14, 15, 28
November 4, 5
*This is a 5-part series. Plan to attend all sessions. Scroll down for more details.
Questions? Contact Ginny Berson at

"There must exist a paradigm, a practical model for social change
that includes an understanding of ways to transform consciousness
that are linked to efforts that transform structures."

bell hooks

 About the Learning Lab

Cultivating Conditions for Liberation: A 5-part Learning Lab for Advanced Changemakers.  

October 14, 15, 28          9:30am - 12:30pm Pacific time

November 4, 5                 9:30am - 12:30pm Pacific time 

We encourage more than 1 person from your organization to participate.



If you are working within the DEI field, leading work within your organization, communities, or movements, you have likely been impacted by the increased call for work as well as the overt displays of performative activism and toxic stress that comes along with it.


In this time of increased action for those called towards racial equity and social justice work, we are called to support advanced practitioners through a new workshop series to support healing and transformation, "Cultivating Conditions for Liberation."


World Trust is inviting you to participate in a 5-part series, Creating Conditions for Liberation (CCfL). We would like you to join us to engage, expand and transform in order to consciously grapple with life’s extraordinary eruptions that are taking place locally, nationally and globally. To face into the collision course we are on, we must evolve as a species. 


The roots that inform our current trajectory of escalating imbalances--complex histories of inequity, power,
economics, and a rampant individualism that obscures relationships, their patterns and structures--internal, external and global--require conscious inquiry, exploration and consideration of our assumptions, beliefs and practices. We, as conveners, are not providing answers, nor are we attempting to “fix” anything.  This is an explorative journey that will support us to expand the ways we typically think while challenging our beliefs.  Our intention is to create space for exploration, supportive practices and community building on these themes:


  • What is liberation?

  • How do we change and how is that change liberating?

  • How do we call forth what is needed to take care of all people?

  • What are our hearts longing for?  How can our cognition, emotions and spirit become more aligned in support of that?

  • How can we lean into our various levels of discomfort and push against our limitations, and what alternatives open up or become available when we creatively do that?

And we will interrogate:

  • the neurobiology, plasticity and healing power of the brain our binary analytic and interpretive approaches for living and problem-solving

  • the cultivation of our collective knowledge and wisdom gleaned from life’s challenges, benefits, ancestors, dreams and Spirit

  • the holistic and creative power of our stories, imaginations/visions, through dialogue and the arts


Please know that we are not going to "finish" anything. We’re going to open some doors and say
“go play”.

We invite you to join us for a co-creative, participatory space of transformative learning and to build new cultures of equity and liberation!

Significant time will be spent looking at  and working on the particulars of your organization or workplace. To that end, we encourage you to send more than one person to this Lab so that teams can work together and learn together.

This is an advanced Learning Lab. It assumes that attendees have a basic understanding of:

  • why and how transformative approaches (versus strictly transactional ones) address white supremacy and structural racism;

  • the need for rooting in more creative, imaginative and mindful practices in order to move us towards greater transformation;

  • being aware of and having some experience in letting go of practices that keep us in siloed, top-down, supremacist and/or internalized oppressive ways of being;

  • the patterns and relationships that drive systems and structures;

  • the history and ongoing presence of colonialism, white supremacy, and exploitation;

  • how contemporary systems of inequity continue to be embedded in structures, cultures, and collective social identity formations.

This Learning Lab will be conducted on Zoom. It will be structured to allow for significant breaks.





The fee is sliding scale $400 - $700. Please follow all of the following steps to determine your suggested rate. It’s quick and painless.

  1. What can my organization afford? If you are paying out of pocket, what can I afford? 

  2. Considering that there will be some people that truly cannot afford the lower end of the scale, can I pay a little more to help support the participation of those people with fewer resources than me/my organization? 

  3. Please be generous and honest with your assessment of your ability to pay. 

  4. Finally, if your application is accepted, how much will you pay?  → This will not be a factor in your acceptance. We want to send an invoice with your acceptance notice.

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Founder & President of World Trust

Shakti Butler, Phd. Founder and President of World Trust Educational Services, a 20+ year old non-profit producing films, learning labs and trainings, and curricula offering comprehensive capabilities necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization.


Her work heals and transforms people, communities, and institutions. Shakti has produced 5 documentary films including the iconic, Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity, and Healing Justice.


All of Shakti's films and their educational guides are available here.


Unique Holland headshot_edited.jpg


World Trust Facilitator

Unique Holland is an educator, facilitator, and cultural strategist who has worked for over two decades developing community-engaged projects centered on racial equity and social justice explorations of community, youth leadership, and public policy.

Unique currently leads program development for World Trust. Through the use of film, dialogue, and transformative education models, Unique supports World Trust's mission to expand the capacity for individuals and organizations to create a world free from racism.

Unique’s work as a collaborating artist and director has been performed and exhibited in the U.S. and internationally. This work is part of a long-term artistic and social engagement in conversations on equity, both in the arts and beyond.

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