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We Need Your Financial Support to End Racism

We are so proud of the work that World Trust has led in the past year to advance racial equity and promote healing. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive responses to our new programmatic approach, centering healing, radical imagination and social justice to support leaders and organizations in long-term engagements for change.


Late last month, we received the very unfortunate news that one of our major clients had to reallocate funds that were designated for their equity work. They have now had to reallocate that money for general purposes for the organization significantly.  This contract was an important anchor for us, and, coupled with a decline in service requests across the board, will require a pivot for us to lean into fundraising and grants. 

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$25,000 For 25 Years

As we continue to leverage the great work that we've been doing to identify other forms of earned income through contracts, we also have an opportunity to share more about what this is, what this work is, what it means to people, and what it can do in the world.  We need to harness your extreme talents, skills, abilities, and community networks to help us to raise $100,000 by March of 2023 to keep this organization going. October through December is traditionally the giving season, where investors and large organizations offload monies that they've had, they have to get rid of it for the end of their fiscal year. It is critical that we are as visible as possible during the season, for obvious reasons. We have officially launched our giving season campaign, we want the initial goal to raise $25,000 in honor of World Trust’s 25th Plus anniversary. 


We’re happy to share that since we launched this campaign, we’ve managed to raise $10,000. We hope to keep this momentum going with your help. 


We are asking for our beloved community to help us reach (and EXCEED) our Giving Season Goal of 25K!  We are so grateful for the love and support we’ve been receiving all of these years in so many ways - from donating, to inviting friends to contribute, to sharing our films and workshops with folks and organizations far and wide!


We hope to continue to grow and thrive, so we need your support to keep our programs and facilitators out doing the good work!


Deep bows to you for your continued support, dedication, curiosity, and GENEROSITY!

Using Your Power, Privilege, and Voice For Good

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